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Wholesale items

We can offer most of our designs in multiples and in desired sizes (i.e. 5 pieces mermaid with turtle or 3 pieces Buddha head, etc.) And we can do most in our various materials: mammoth tusk, bone (tea stained or colored), jet, exotic woods, and tagua nut.


Your order will be delivered within 6 weeks of receiving your purchase order. Often the order will be well before that, but Bali is known for its ceremonies and working for the gods is far more important to the Balinese than working for money.

Normally our minimum wholesale purchase is as follows:

  • 8 pieces of finished jewelry (necklaces and earrings)
  • 12 pendents (carvings only – no cord or beading)
  • 3 sculptures or alterpieces

Contact us if you want to mix and match or have any questions.



One of our specialties is producing other designer’s designs for them. We offer exclusivity, quality, and we can produce to your deadline.

Hand Carved Jewelry maker