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A Visit From An Old Friend

Tucson is well behind us. All the show orders are finished. And now it’s time to start creating new designs. But first…..oh yes, my old friend – procrastination. If I just go through the whole house including all the drawers and closets, getting rid of flotsam and jetsam, maybe inspiration will sneak back in. So […]


It has been two years since we last did the Tucson shows. There have been a lot of changes during that time. The biggest is that I moved my elderly sister to live with me in Bali. That entailed selling her house, car, and most of her possessions. It was a huge job but we […]

Our Materials – Bovine Bone

Sometimes Adversity Leads to Invention   About six years ago, with a well-intentioned move to save our remaining magnificent elephants, several states made ALL ivories illegal. We, from the depths of our hearts, support the protection of these amazing animals. The tragedy of the law is that it did not distinguish between our beloved elephant’s […]

Our Materials: Fossil Tusk

Our Journey with Fossil Walrus Tusk   We started World on a String over thirty years ago, carving fossil walrus tusk from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Only the native islanders could legally hunt for it. Sometimes, our material came from garbage dumps where broken fossil walrus fish hooks, harpoon points, and other artifacts had been […]

Talisman – Our New Collection

Since pre-historic times, talismans were worn to protect one from evil, to bring good luck, or to prevent illness.  Usually worn outwardly as a ring or a stone secreted away, they were inscribed with magic symbols thought to do the trick. Depending on one’s intent, modern-day talismans can have many other properties. I don’t believe […]

Tucson Comes to You

Tucson Comes to You                    Hand-carved and hand-painted bovine bone sculpture After thirty years of annually doing the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows, it was quite a shift to not doing them this year. Tucson is so much more than setting up our booths at GJX and The Pueblo Gem Show. It’s about hugs, reconnecting […]

Mother Nature Inspires Our Unique Carvings

 Mother Nature Inspires Our Unique Carvings   Sitting at the foot of Mt. Agung, the active volcano that dominates Bali, I’m awed. It’s affected me like this for the 28 years that I’ve lived on the Island of the Gods.  Today I looked up from my work and saw the mountain – spewing. It started […]

Carving Inspiration

Carving Inspiration Our new website,, was launched in early January just before the start of our Tucson Shows. In the whirlwind of show preparations and actually doing the shows, there was no time to write. Finally back in Bali, I’m writing to you on my veranda, overlooking the rice paddy harvest in full swing. […]