Tucson is well behind us. All the show orders are finished. And now it’s time to start creating new designs.

But first…..oh yes, my old friend – procrastination. If I just go through the whole house including all the drawers and closets, getting rid of flotsam and jetsam, maybe inspiration will sneak back in.

So far, I have found things I don’t even remember buying! I found stones and beads long ago forgotten. I have gorgeous stone pendants hand-cut by Mailee, strands of sparkling Mandarin sapphires, and a bunch of supremely ugly necklaces I bought in Bangkok 20 years ago for inspiration. What was I thinking? We are taking them apart and will use the beads for more creative pieces.

I ran into some rough stones that were perfect for carving and sent them straight away to the stone carver for an octopus and a pink elephant. You won’t need any alcohol to see this pachyderm!  

The finished carvings just arrived and I’m excited to make necklaces out of them.

Octopus for Hot Flash.jpg

Carved from lepidolite with spessartite garnet eye stones

Elephant for Hot Flash.jpg

Carved from pink opal and set with ruby

There is still more clearing out and organizing to do but at least the creativity is peeking through a crack in the procrastination and new designs are percolating.  Let’s see where it takes us.


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