Hand-Carved Hand-Painted Blue Heron Beaded Necklace with Talisman Inlaid on Reverse Side
Heron for Flash.jpg

Since pre-historic times, talismans were worn to protect one from evil, to bring good luck, or to prevent illness.  Usually worn outwardly as a ring or a stone secreted away, they were inscribed with magic symbols thought to do the trick.

Depending on one’s intent, modern-day talismans can have many other properties. I don’t believe the object itself does anything, but that it acts as a reminder of what we wish to accomplish, whether that is more awareness, love, joy, good health, friendship, tranquility, a smooth transition, or a myriad of other intentions.

I’ve used symbolism in my work for decades, whether in paintings or hand-carved jewelry and sculpture designs.  Now, it has evolved into talismanic symbols combined from various cultures to make a unique image that speaks to the wearer of the piece.

A series of animal carvings such as a blue heron, pelican, wolf, bear, and tiger, to name a few, are hand-carved and hand-painted from bovine bone.  A symbol, created by combining designs from various cultures such as Celtic, African, Native American, Egyptian, and Asian is inlaid on the back of the piece using a black Indonesian hardwood.  

“Follow Your Heart”, the title of our blue heron necklace pictured above, has a talisman symbolizing self-awareness, strength, independence, and the spiritual journey. It was created from a combination of runes and the universal spiral symbol signifying the unfolding journey and changes in life. The piece is framed by a feathered heart. 

I have so much gratitude to have been able to follow my heart and my dreams. I hope our pieces will inspire others to follow their own inner tinglings and tuggings and that our new talismans will remind them of their journey.

Pieces from the collection will soon be on our website where you can buy them online. Or if you have a certain symbol you’d like inlaid in a piece especially for you, let us know. We love doing custom pieces.

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