necklace headlineSusan uses precious, semiprecious, and ancient glass beads to embellish her mammoth tusk carvings. Wherever she travels, her innate 'bead radar' leads her to new and interesting components for the necklaces. Using her painting skills for composition and color, she creates unique and outstanding designs of harmony and beauty, finishing them off with her signature clasp.

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“Guiding Star” strung with pearls, garnet, amethyst, lapis, labradorite, and Indian sterling silver


"Delight" strung with rhodocrosite, yellow opal, prehnite, peridot, amber, carnelian, and Thai sterling silver


"Aquatic Dance" strung with amazonite, prehnite, pearls, tourmaline, peridot, apatite, chrysoprase, citrine, Thai vermeil beads, and gold filled beads