About Susan Tereba

Artist, jewelry designer, writer and poet – Susan Tereba's creative spirit leads her through many dimensions of expression. Her creativity, as insistent as life's blood, manifests through the paintbrush, keyboard, camera lens, as well as through gemstones and ancient fossilized mammoth ivory and other carving materials.

Living her dream life in Bali for over twenty-five years, Susan finds the island's allure, the craftsmen's expertise, and the sheer beauty of the place and its culture integral to her creative energy and inspiration. Profoundly inspired by these energies, she is intensely grateful to be able to do what she so loves.

Wherever she travels, Susan finds inspiration for her pieces, whether that is in Asia or Europe or the USA. She hopes to inspire those that connect with her work to live their dreams and explore their own unique conduit to creativity.

Susan Tereba